President’s chat – The ball

Hi All, 

I’m delighted to be able to announce that The St. Patrick’s Society of Selangor will host our 94th annual Ball this year on March 16 at the Shangri-La Hotel here in Kuala Lumpur, where approximately 950 people will celebrate Ireland’s National Day. The Ball itself takes months of organising and with the help of the committee members and past presidents, I’m more than confident that we will as always, get the job done and go on to celebrate St Patrick’s day in style.
Last year marked the final year for Lynette Rock, the Irish dancing teacher in KL who was heavily involved with the Irish dancing exhibition. I’m sure you’ll all join me in thanking her for her contribution and years of dedication and support. The baton has been handed to a new teacher, Niamh Bannon, so the tradition of having Irish dancing at the Ball will continue.
For the last number of years, there has been a community performance. It differs each year but for the last few years, Ben James has arranged the music and coached the group. Unfortunately this year due to work commitments he will be unable to do it. However, once again we have been left with a capable replacement in Will Payne. The volunteers in the group vary from year to year and their commitment is always valued. This segment of the evening is always a highlight and thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.
Another great tradition of the ball is watching the rugby after the formalities are over which is always a treat for many guests. This year, the Wales vs Ireland game will draw many viewers. It is being played at 10.45 KL time, just after we finish all the formalities. Once again the 6 Nations organisers have come through for us so a massive thank you for that. It’s nice they keep us in mind for these things!
Back by popular demand is the same band as last year, Newfoundland. They were a massive hit as I’ve mentioned and I had to personally drag them off stage after 6am. They hail from the South East of Ireland. Their eclectic mix of traditional and modern went down a storm and made sure the dance floor was packed. They aim, with a few short breaks, to keep playing until the early hours of the morning again. For those of us still standing, the Shangri-La will have breakfast ready from 6am but be warned that breakfast is at your own cost and not part of the Ball proceedings.
So as we approached the final countdown, plan our outfits, book our hair and make-up, dresses, tuxedo’s and Kilts are dry cleaned, not to forget the baby sitting arrangements, spare a thought for your committee who will be working non-stop right up to and during the Ball. The sense of satisfaction they will feel when everything comes together means the world to them so here’s to another ‘Best Ball Ever!’


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