Angel’s Coffee Morning

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A beautiful location, hosted by our Irish Embassy, a wonderful sparkling Christmas tree decorated with our St Patrick’s “Angels”, a super Christmas spread, and the scene was set for our Angel’s Coffee Morning, on 16th November. This is a very special occasion with a charitable twist. The purpose of this event, apart from having a very pleasant morning chatting, is to choose an Angel from the Christmas tree. This Angel represents a child’s wish for a Christmas gift, which is written on the Angel. This year we had 67 children’s wishes from three Homes, the Open Hands Orphanage, Home of Peace and the Rainbow Home. The Angels were snapped up within twenty minutes after the welcome speeches by Eamon Hickey, Irish Ambassador to Malaysia and our very own Tony Ocone, the St Patrick’s President.

The arrival of the Alice Smith Primary School Choir really got everyone in the Christmas spirit and you could hear a pin drop as their voices filled the room with our favourite carols.  The children were accompanied by their teacher, Dean Evans. The children were a credit to their school in terms of their patience and general behaviour and of course their musical performance.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of those who attended and for the cash donations from those who could not be there, we were able to provide gifts for all the 67 children. Some of those children will be attending our Family Christmas Party.

Thank you to the Irish Embassy for sponsoring the Christmas fare.

A huge Thank you to Eamon Hickey, the Irish Ambassador and to Catherine Aylward, Deputy Head of Missions for hosting this special event.

By Sarah Wheeler Tan, Charity Co-ordinator

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